22. Internationale Musiktage Bad Leonfelden

21th July - 3rd August 2019

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For decades the artist couple Christos and Katherina Polyzoides has been organizing annual summer courses. Over the years their very personal approach and their compassionate engagement has created a most unique atmosphere, making these events as sought after as they are.

The course is open for anybody regardless of skills and age. The podium of the concert hall at the “Leo-Kultursaal” is almost daily available for all participants.

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Christos Polyzoides Violin & Viola
Margherita Marseglia Violin
Demetrius Polyzoides Violin & Viola
Elisabeth Polyzoides-Baich Violin
Georg Hamann Viola & Violin
Michael Polyzoides Violoncello
Janna Polyzoides Piano
Katherina Polyzoides-Sourvali Piano
Li-Fang Su Accompaniment
Nikolaos Zafranas Accompaniment