23. Internationale Musiktage Bad Leonfelden

19th July - 1st August 2020

In the memory of its founder Christos Polyzoides (1931-2019)

We are very greatful to all, who have trusted our hygiene regulations. The 23rd “Internationale Musiktage” 2020 have been very succesfull and made us really happy. We are happy to confirm, there were no infections caused by our holding of the masterclass.


For decades the artist couple Christos and Katherina Polyzoides has been organizing annual summer courses. Over the years their very personal approach and their compassionate engagement on one hand, and the intimate setting in a small village on the other, where participants and tutors live and work under the same roof, have created a most unique atmosphere, making these classes as sought after as they are. Since 1998 the course found its home in Bad Leonfelden. After Christos Polyzoides passed in July 2019 his daughter and pianist Janna Polyzoides took over the artistic direction.

The course is open for anybody regardless of skills and age. There are only active participants without preselection by the instructors.

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Janna Polyzoides


Katherina Polyzoides-Sourvali


Margherita Marseglia


Elisabeth Polyzoides-Baich


Demetrius Polyzoides

Violin & Viola

Georg Hamann

Viola & Violin

Michael Polyzoides


Li-Fang Su


Nikolaos Zafranas