Martin Hornstein Interpretationspreis

Martin Hornstein

To commemorate Martin Hornsteins extraordinary musicality and his personality, which was primarily focused on artistic expression, the council of these masterclasses created the Martin Hornstein Interpretationspreis in 2010.

This honorary prize is awarded at the final concert for excellent interpretations by remarkably artistic young musicians; the jury reserves the right to withhold the award.

The Viennese cellist Martin Hornstein (1954-2009) worked as a teacher for violoncello at the Internationale Musiktage Bad Leonfelden from 2002 until his sudden death in 2009.


  • 2010: Anastazija VEZONIK (SL) Piano
  • 2011: Peter FRITZ (DE) Violin
  • 2012: Michael POLYZOIDES (AT) Violoncello
  • 2013: Chien-Ching KUO (TW) Violin & Christian FRITZ (DE) Piano
  • 2014: Alexios LIZOS (GR) Piano
  • 2015: Anna ZIEROTIN (AT) Violin
  • 2016: Franziska GROTE (DE) Violin
  • 2017: Clemens BOIGNER (AT) Violoncello
  • 2018: Magdalena RYCHETSKY (AT) Violin & Christoph BAMSCHORIA (AT) Clarinet
  • 2019: Markus Koropp (DE) Piano
  • 2020: no award
  • 2021: Ektoras KARATZIOS-PAPAIOANNOU (GR) Piano
  • 2022: Benjamin GOTTHARD (AT) Piano
  • 2023: Renato DELIGIANNIDIS (GR) Piano & Nitai Emanuel MUSIC (AT) Violin