History and philosophy of the course

Christos and Katherina Polyzoides

Christos and Katherina Polyzoides

For decades the artist couple Christos and Katherina Polyzoides has been organizing annual summer courses. Over the years their very personal approach and their compassionate engagement on one hand, and the intimate setting in a small village on the other, where participants and tutors live and work under the same roof, have created a most unique atmosphere, making these classes as sought after as they are. Since 1998 the course found its home in Bad Leonfelden. After Christos Polyzoides passed in July 2019 his daughter and pianist Janna Polyzoides took over the artistic direction.

The course is open for anybody regardless of skills and age. There are only active participants without preselection by the instructors.

Due to the friction free collaboration of the ten tutors, it is also possible to play for and work with more than one teacher during the course (preferably different pieces). For example it is possible for pianists to study with a string teacher and vice versa!

Chamber music lessons will be taught by all tutors, in order to be able to also address specific instrumental questions. The participants are also cordially invited to take advantage of the possibility to listen to the lessons of all the teachers!

The podium of the concert hall at the “Leo-Kultursaal” is almost daily at the disposal of those, who want to take advantage of the possibility to try out their newly acquired skills in an uncompetitive atmosphere.